October 6, 2021

The Boy Friend

16th February 2022 – 26th February 2022

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ART DECO FESTIVAL (16 – 20 FEB, 2022)

REST OF THE SEASON (23 – 26 FEB, 2022)


The Jazz Age lives on in Sandy Wilson’s The Boy Friend, a light romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedy.  Written in the fifties as “a new musical of the twenties,” this is still considered the most successful and witty of the send-up musicals.

Set against the backdrop of the French Riviera, this romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedies tells the story of English heiress, Polly, who is longing for only one thing: a boyfriend. Polly’s father, convinced that any boy who isn’t wealthy will court Polly strictly for her financial situation, forbids her to engage any potential suitors. Honouring his wishes, Polly explains to Tony, the messenger boy with whom she’s fallen in love, that she is no rich girl. This is just the tip of the mistaken identity iceberg, as love proceeds to find its way charmingly through nearly every member of the cast and bring them all to a happy ending.

The Boy Friend is an essential Golden Age musical. Filled to the brim with tongue-in-cheek moments that both parents and grandparents will love, The Boy Friend has a catchy score and opportunities for complex dance numbers. With a fair amount of featured actor/actress roles, it’s also an unforgettable chance to showcase a comedic and cheery talent pool.


Kerry Unsworth


Amy Cowan

Music Director

Wendy Hunt

Vocal Coach

Tessa-May Brown

Production Manager

Belinda Clibborn

Production Secretary

Derryn Hart