October 6, 2019

Talking Heads

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 November, 7.30pm

Saturday 9 November, 2.00pm and 7.30pm

Adults $30, Seniors/Students $25

Talking Heads is directed by Sharyn Hildreth and will be performed by Gillian Davies, John Cocking, Eleanore McLean and Deborah Burnside, as a fundraiser for the maintenance of our very own Tabard Theatre.

Alan Bennett broke new dramatic ground when the series of monologues,
Talking Heads, gave us a glimpse into the lives of ordinary British people,
appearing on BBC TV in 1988.

Such was their popularity that they have since moved on to BBC radio,
international theatre and even the A-level syllabus. They have also become one of the bestselling audio book releases of all time. Each tale gives us privileged access to the innermost thoughts of an individual, who, although we only hear his/her side of the story, frequently reveals more about him/herself than intended.

The stories are poignant, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, occasionally
uplifting, and they all showcase Alan Bennett’s powers of observation, comic timing and exquisite turn of phrase.

Since the success of Beyond the Fringe in the 1960s Alan Bennett has delighted audiences worldwide with his gentle humour and wry observations about life. His many works include Forty Years On, The Lady in the Van, Talking Heads, A Question of Attribution and The Madness of George III.

For your delight we are presenting 4 monologues from Talking Heads.

A Cream Cracker Under the Settee – Doris (Gillian Davies) has fallen off the buffet and, while sitting in the dark waiting for help, she looks back on a life dedicated to fighting dirt. Originally played by Thora Hird.

A Chip in the Sugar – Life for Graham (John Cocking) and his elderly mother has settled into a comfortable pattern when a face from the past appears to threaten his peace of mind. Originally played by Alan Bennett.

A Lady of Letters – Irene (Eleanore McLean) thinks corresponding is every
citizen’s right in a free society, but she gets her first taste of real freedom in the most unlikely place. Originally played by Patricia Routledge

Her Big Chance – Lesley (Deborah Burnside) is an actress who works hard at her craft but needs a career leg-up. Will a chance encounter at a party provide just that? Originally played by Julie Walters.