December 7, 2015


“Barnum’s the name. P.T. Barnum. And I want to tell you that tonight you are going to see-bar none-every sight, wonder and miracle that name stands for!”

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‘Barnum’ follows the life of Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum from small town up-start, through to his first encounter with circus owner James Bailey where they meet and create Barnum and Bailey Circus – “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Barnum is the self-proclaimed “Prince of Humbug” – the magical promoter of all things wonderful including Joice Heth, the oldest woman to ever live; General Tom Thumb (the world’s smallest man); and Ms Jenny Lind (The Swedish Songbird) amongst many others. According to Barnum “There is a Sucker Born Every Minute”.

Barnum’s life is full of triumphs, political intrigue, tragedy and the death of his beloved wife Charity there is never a dull moment for one of the greatest characters ever to hit the stage.

Supported by a cast of performers of every description Barnum is a visual and theatrical ‘experience’ from the moment you enter the theatre to the time you leave. Acrobats, magicians, clowns, jugglers, illusionists and trapeze artists join singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers to bring audiences a complete package of joy and pure escapism.

Barnum is the winner of 3 Tony Awards, 2 Drama Desk Awards and a Laurence Olivier Award. Barnum was recently revived for a United Kingdom tour in 2014/15.

Napier Operatic Society is proud to present the aforementioned Barnum in September 2016! Come and experience the visual spectacular!

Mark Oldershaw

Corinne Bowey

Musical Director
Peter Tihema